Converting BC Coal Facilities to LPG Exports


LPGINVESTMENTS.COM is planning to repurpose a portion of its existing coal facilities in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, for liquid petroleum gas (LPG) exports, or propane and butane.

The proposed LPG Project will create a more diversified, open-market LPG supply chain and much-needed additional export capacity, without the need to develop any new land or build a berth. In this proposal, we would add around 4.2 million cubic feet (120,000 cubic meters) of new LPG storage capacity and “provide the lowest cost export opportunity for Canadian propane producers, while maintaining steelmaking coal export volumes. Invest with lpginvestments.com today and experience your financial




LPG in World Markets. February 2024. Waterborne propane exports from Canada have been steady at around 40,000 b/d (two VLGCs per month) since AltaGas loaded the first VLGC from the Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal in British Columbia in late-May 2019. All the shipments went to Asia with Japan taking more than half of the volume. LPG exports are expected to grow further in 2024 once Pembina commences operations at the 25,000 b/d (735,000 t/y) Prince Rupert terminal in mid-2024; however, exports from the new terminal are expected to be limited to Latin America. With the stagnant LPG consumption in the retail sector and falling land-exports to the US, Canadian midstream companies have turned their focus on building infrastructure for waterborne exports and PDH plants in recent years. Join the LPG Community: Partner with LPG Investments and unlock the full potential of your investment portfolio. Explore our current offerings, connect with our team, and discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals. #Lpginvestments.com/nft #Lpginvestments.com/buynft #Lpginvestments.com/press #Lpginvestments.com/contactus #Lpginvestments.com/aboutus #Lpginvestments.com/faq #Log investments.com/getstarted #Log investments.com/index #Lpginvestments.com/login #Lpginvestments.com/signup #dealership #Cook #Dan #Dorian #Foreign #Gas #Impact #Inc #Management #investment #LPG #capital

Limited Partnership Growth aims to generate both profits and capital appreciation over time...


Limited Partnership Growth (LPG) is a type of investment structure where investors, called limited partners, contribute capital to a partnership. The partnership is managed by a general partner who makes investment decisions and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. In this structure, limited partners have limited liability. This means that their personal assets are protected in case of any financial issues or legal liabilities. However, they also have limited control over the partnership's operations and decision-making. Limited Partnership Growth aims to generate both profits and capital appreciation over time, with investors receiving a larger share of profits based on their investment amount. Potential profits range from 20% to 250%.